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Their professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service make them a trusted partner in our manufacturing endeavors. I wholeheartedly recommend SKEP to any company seeking top-quality CNC tool manufacturing services. They have been instrumental in helping us elevate our productivity and achieve remarkable success in our industry. 

Promoth Kannan [SP Dealer]

I have been in the manufacturing industry for many years, and I can confidently say that working with Kumar Engineering for our CNC tool manufacturing needs has been a game-changer. Their dedication to precision and quality is unparalleled. The tools they have manufactured for us have consistently exceeded our expectations, allowing us to achieve exceptional results in our production processes. 

Mohammad Wasim - VP 

Sri Kumar Engineering Product is truly an outstanding place to work. One of the key strengths of the company is its easily approachable management team, which fosters a positive work environment. Employees feel comfortable reaching out to management with their ideas, concerns, and suggestions, creating a culture of open communication and collaboration. 

[ Shridhar]


[ Tool Holder - V]

[ Pipe Center ]

[ Lock Nut]

[ Tool Holder - S]

[ Neck Flange ]

[ Flange]